Community programs

CHEP Good Food offers a variety of programs for schools, families and individuals in Saskatoon. Whether you are interested in purchasing produce at a great price, learning more about cooking on a budget, ensuring every child has healthy food to eat at school, or getting involved in urban gardening, we can help.

Our programs are open to everyone. We focus on increasing access to fresh food, providing nutritional education, building food skills, and supporting our city’s community garden network.

the askîy project

The askiy project is a seasonal urban agriculture internship that engages Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to learn about growing, harvesting, and selling food. The innovative model of the program focuses on 5 key focus areas: growing food and food skills, enhancing cultural connections, promoting environmental sustainability, creating social enterprise, and engaging youth.

CHEP sprouts day camp

CHEP Sprouts Day Camp aims to teach children about food, nature, and community through enjoyable hands-on gardening, cooking, and natural experiences.

collective kitchen

CHEP’s Collective Kitchens consist of a small group of people who pool their resources to cook healthy, low cost, delicious food that they take home to share with their families. Each group sets a focus area, with previous ones including dishes from various cultures, freezer meals, and adapting favourite dishes to healthier options.

Community gardens

Saskatoon has a vibrant and growing community garden network. People are able to access plots on public land such as parks and schools, or on private land, which further increases food security and food sovereignty in our community. CHEP supports this network by offering educational workshops, connecting gardeners to resources, etc., and by our ongoing collaboration with the City of Saskatoon.

community markets

Our Community Markets provide healthy affordable food in neighbourhoods where access to fresh fruits and vegetables is limited. They also offer many diet staples such as bread, eggs, tuna, rice, and more. Our Community Market Coupon program also supports and empowers community members in accessing food of their choice.

good food box

The Good Food Box is a community-based food distribution system that provides Saskatoon and area households with an alternative way to get top-quality, fresh produce at affordable prices. We purchase fruit and vegetables in bulk from local producers and wholesalers, then pass the savings on to community members. Anyone in the community can participate.