Community Gardens

What Are They?

Saskatoon has a vibrant and growing community garden network, where people who do not have space for their own garden can access plots on public land such as parks and schools, or private land such as church yards. 

Community gardens focus on growing food using organic practices and, in most cases, are an opportunity for gardeners to maintain their own plots and have ownership of what they grow. 

Gardens operate as local collectives, make their own operational decisions, allocate space to garden members, and may collect fees to invest in garden infrastructure. 

 New Gardeners FYI!

  • If you do not currently have a plot, please use the CHEP Good Food and City of Saskatoon maps below to contact the garden nearest you  
  • Each garden allocates their own plots 
  • Due to popular demand each year, you may need to join a waitlist 

If you are considering starting a garden on municipally owned land, there is an application process through the City of Saskatoon, or call 306-975-3378 

How is CHEP Good Food Involved? 

Our organization proudly supports Saskatoon’s community garden network by acting as a liaison between gardeners and the City of Saskatoon, among other initiatives:   

  • We help facilitate garden set-ups on non-municipally owned land; 
  • Offer educational opportunities to community gardens, organizations, schools, community groups, etc.; 
  • Educational opportunities include garden tours, workshops, presentations, etc. 

Note: We do not have information on plot allocations or waitlists for individual gardens. Please contact your garden coordinator directly. 


Chep supported Garden Locations

city of saskatoon supported Garden Locations