Our People

Gord Androsoff

Executive Director


In my role as the Executive Director, I endeavour to support the staff in delivering our programs and services and ensure we work on behalf of and are guided by the community. No two days are the same but at the end of each day I leave the organization knowing we did some good work for the community.

Favourite fruit/vegetable: Parsnip

It is a relatively unknown root vegetable that is very resilient, tasting even better after a light frost.


Amelia Benoit

Urban Agriculture Coordinator




Katie Crawford

Centralized Purchaser


 In my role as Centralized Purchaser, I order all of the necessary produce that allows for our food procurement programs to run smoothly. These programs include the Good Food Box, Bulk Buying for Schools, Fresh Food Community Markets, Nutritional Packages for Seniors, and our Centralized Kitchen.

 There are so many different things that I love about working with CHEP! I particularly enjoy working with a variety of local growers. It’s fun to check in with them to see what they have available and distribute their produce through CHEP programs such as the Good Food Box and Fresh Food Community Markets.

Favourite fruit/vegetable: Broccoli

 I could eat it every day and never get tired of it!


Kevin Crickett

Driver’s Assistant


In my role as Driver’s Assistant, I support the bulk buying program for schools and the Good Food Box. I have been a grounds keeper at Station 20 West for several seasons.

Favourite fruit/vegetable: Pineapple

Wonderful taste and lots of juice.


Dale Jack



In my role as Driver, I distribute food for our many programs and services and work at the fresh food and mobile markets. Getting good food to people is important and enjoyable work.

 Favourite fruit/vegetable: Kohlrabi

It has a nice texture and taste and is very good for you.



Heather Jackle

Community Relations 


In my role as Community Relations Facilitator, I support CHEP Good Food programs, educational initiatives, and community services by helping CHEP tell “our story” to the community.  As well, I take the lead role on fundraising events, and donor and media strategy. 

I am passionate about building capacity in our community, and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of a team that strives for a food secure community.

Favourite fruit/vegetable:

I love the taste and texture of bananas, as well as all the delicious recipes you can make with them!



Ali Lewis



In my role as the I resident dietitian with CHEP, I give nutrition presentations to various groups throughout Saskatoon. I also provide nutrition support to CHEP programming as needed. I really enjoy getting to know the program participants and helping to answer their nutrition questions.

Favourite fruit/vegetable: Garden Carrots

I grew up with a huge garden and going down to the garden to pick the fresh produce has always been a special part of my life.

Eduardo Nunez

Driver/Community Markets 

Terri Lynn Paulson

askîy Internship Coordinator


I support the askîy project, and other urban agriculture initiatives. In pursuing my love for growing vegetables, I’ve interned and volunteered on farms and learning centres in Texas, Guelph, and Florida, and I’m looking forward to learning alongside interns and community members as we tend the land together. I first learned about CHEP’s work through discovering Seedy Saturday as an Agriculture student at the U of S, and since then I’ve participated in many of CHEP’s programs and partnerships. I believe some of the best conversations happen in kitchens and gardens, and around food being enjoyed together.

Favourite fruit/vegetable:
The whole cucurbit family

How can you pick just one? Cucumbers, melons, and squash all have a special place in my heart.

Darlene Petit

Accounting Coordinator

Janet Phillips

Collective Kitchen Coordinator


I have been with CHEP since 1997. I am currently the program coordinator for Collective Kitchens & Chefs in Training.  Since I have been with CHEP so long, I am lucky enough to see the long-term changes that we have made in the community and in individuals.  Seeing these results has really made me realize how a small organization can do so much good.

Favourite fruit/vegetable:

I can eat about 2 cups of strawberries (compared to around 8 grapes) before it effects my blood sugar levels.


Racheal Sapp

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Facilitator


I am a proud Plains Cree woman from Little Pine First Nation in Treaty 6 Territory. I started with CHEP as an intern for the Askiy Project. Working in the garden and growing food turned into a passion of mine and has become a big part of my life. In my new role as a Food Support Assistant, I am a driver and I help deliver produce for all our amazing programs. I support the markets and food security in our community!

Favourite fruit/vegetable:

Coconuts and Lemons

They tie for my #1 spot. Both fruits are so refreshing!



Sandra Schweder

Community Gardens Coordinator


My role with CHEP involves providing gardening support and resources to community gardens and presentations for community organizations whose clients are interested in urban agriculture. I love talking about gardening and inspiring others to garden, so I really enjoy this role!

Favourite fruit/vegetable: 

Ripe, green, fried, roasted or boiled these veggies are delicious and remind me of my homeland Jamaica.

Lauren Scruton

Markets Outreach Coordinator


As a treaty person and white settler, I feel passionate about questioning modern ways of living which are not functional; I strongly believe that access to food is a human right and not a privilege. As Markets Outreach Coordinator I aim to listen and respond. In the city of Saskatoon there are many gaps on the map devoid of access to affordable, healthy food. Together, with a great team of volunteers, we provide markets on daily and weekly cycles as well as seasonal Summer markets and pop-up events. In the past I have worked with many kids who benefit greatly from the breakfast and cooking programs that CHEP Staff coordinate in schools. Connecting through food, be it cooking, gardening, or eating together has always been a lifeline of many threads beyond physical nourishment. My favourite parts of my job are the conversations, collaborations and tomatoes!

Favourite fruit/vegetable:

Parsnips were always a part of special holiday meals growing up and I always look forward to them appearing in the Fall.


Rita Stalker

Centralized Kitchen


In my role with the Centralized Kitchen, I provide bagged lunches to school students throughout the city. I love being part of this organization, helping to make healthy food accessible to everyone.

Favourite fruit/vegetable: Sweet Potatoes

They are so versatile in both sweet and savoury dishes.



Erin Grant, Chair

Will Hampton, Vice-Chair

Kaylam Kavia, Treasurer

Susan Whiting, Secretary



carolyn chu

lucy pereira

Charlotte Pilat Burns

Jamie McCrory, Past Chair

cera youngson


donna nelson, Appointee, Saskatchewan health authority

Colleen Norris, Appointee, Saskatoon Public Schools

Ashley Petite, appointee, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools