I want to support CHEP, how can I help?

Mar 26, 2020

This post was created for March – July’s COVID-19 Response. For up to date information on how to support CHEP, please visit our Donate and Volunteer pages.


$5: Help cover the delivery costs of our Good Food Delivery program

$10, $20, $30, $40: Pay it forward! Buy a box for someone in need

$50: Cover the costs for 10 free lunches for children in Saskatoon

Donations of $20 or more will qualify for a charitable tax receipt. Donations can be made online or by calling our office at 306-655-4575 or by emailing barb@chep.org


Share our Good Food Delivery service with those who need food delivered to their home.

Stay home!

To protect our community, CHEP is not accepting volunteers at this time. If you can, stay home and flatten the curve to protect the most vulnerable. If we do need volunteers in the future, we will reach out at that time.