You can support CHEP and enjoy local food this summer in 2 ways with the Good Food Box program!


Interested in locally grown food? CSA subscriptions are now available to purchase for this summer.

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between farmers and farm supporters. Your share entitles you to 8 boxes of fresh veggies and herbs grown in our very own gardens by our askîy Project team. Pickup for askîy boxes will be available through the Good Food Box network between July and October.

2023 summer fundraiser box

Support the Good Food Box program with a sampling of locally grown and produced goods from a variety of different local growers and producers.

This summer’s box will include* Fresh herbs and veggies, microgreens, honey, blueberry spread, red pepper spread, wild rice, restoration tea, & chili powder from local suppliers. (*contents may change depending on availability)

Each box is $70 each. The price includes $50 worth of local goods as well as a $20 donation to CHEP Good Food inc. Tax receipts are available for the donation.

Fundraiser Boxes will be ready to pickup at any Good Food Box depot on June 28th. The deadline to order is June 14th.

Currently accepting orders until June 5th for the June 14th pickup date.


Good Food Box

The Good Food Box is a community-based food distribution system that provides Saskatoon and area households with an alternative way to get top-quality, fresh produce at affordable prices. We purchase fruit and vegetables in bulk from local producers and wholesalers, then pass the savings on to you!

Anyone can participate in this program. Participants support and learn more about local farmers, get to know others in their community, and enjoy a nice variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Every two weeks, a dedicated team of volunteers come together to pack a variety of boxes, which are then sent out to neighbourhood depots across the city for pickup.

Good Food Box Varieties

*Pictures serve as examples only. Contents of each Good Food Box will vary.

How do I order?

*All orders require you to get in touch with a neighbourhood depot coordinator by using the contact form below.

See the calendar above for upcoming order deadlines and delivery dates.


  1. Find a neighbourhood depot close to you on the map below.
  2. Use the form below to contact the depot coordinator for depot address and pick-up details.
  3. Place your order through the depot coordinator and provide payment by cash or cheque by the order deadline.
  4. Pick up your order at your neighbourhood depot on delivery day. Bring reusable bags!


  1. Find a depot close to you on the map.
  2. Use the form below to contact the depot coordinator for depot address and pick-up details.
  3. Place your order online through our shop. *You must select your desired depot for pick-up when ordering.
  4. Pick up your order at your neighbourhood depot on delivery day. Bring reusable bags!

*All orders and payment are due in advance, nine days before delivery to depots. All sales are final. 

Good Food Box Pickup Depots

    Current Public Pickup Depots*

    Buena Vista | Pickup Hours: 1pm-7pm
    College Park | Pickup Hours: 3pm-7:30pm
    Downtown | Pickup Hours: 2pm-5pm
    East College Park | Pickup Hours: 1:30pm-6pm
    Forest Grove | Pickup Hours: 4pm-6:30pm
    Holiday Park | Pickup Hours: 1pm-7pm
    King George | Pickup Hours: 3pm-6pm
    Montgomery | Pickup Hours: 5pm-9pm
    Nutana | Pickup Hours: 12:30pm-9pm
    Station 20 West (Riversdale) | Pickup Hours: 12pm-4pm
    St. Martin’s United Church (Adelaide) | Pickup Hours: 2:30pm-5pm
    Westview | Pickup Hours: 2pm-6pm

    *note: Because many of our Pickup Depots are the homes of volunteers, we do not list the addresses directly on our website. Please contact your coordinator with the contact form for the address and pickup details. If you do not receive a response before the pickup date please contact

    Don’t see your neighbourhood represented on the map?
    Consider opening your a Pickup Depot in your neighbourhood  and get Good Food Boxes delivered directly to your home or business. Depot Coordinators must be available during the day on Wednesday to receive deliveries. Contact for more info.


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