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Grow With Us is a campaign focused on building committed partnerships to help fund and support our current and future food actions in our community so that we can continue to maintain and strengthen food security in Saskatoon. 

why chep good food inc.?

CHEP is a Saskatoon based nonprofit that supports our community by providing stable access to affordable, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food, and opportunities to learn the skills to grow and prepare healthy food. We rely on community support via donations and fundraising to complement static provincial funding and grants for programs that have seen unprecedented growth and expansion based on the community’s needs.

Why Now?

As inflation and the cost-of-living increases, CHEP continues to feel the impact of rising food and delivery costs. We purchase all our food for our programming, buying from local vendors as available. Your investment in CHEP supports the continued delivery and expansion of our important programming. Your investment in CHEP supports food security in our community. 

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Gord Androsoff; Executive Director;; 306-986-5837
Heather Jackle; Community Relations;; 306-986-5834 

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