CHEP Good Food is proud to be a partner, organizing member, or contributor of various collectives in Saskatoon.


The Healthy Yards program was launched in Saskatoon in the spring of 2015 as a partnership between the City of Saskatoon’s Environmental & Corporate Initiatives division, the University of Saskatchewan’s Master Gardeners, CHEP Good Food Inc., the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre, and the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council’s Compost Coaches. These organizations came together to create free and regionally-specific materials designed to educate the public on how to create a healthy yard and garden, with a focus on practices such as home composting, outdoor water conservation, pesticide reduction, and food production. In 2018, the Saskatoon Food Council, Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan, and CHEP Good Food Inc. joined the partnership.

The Healthy Yards program envisions a connected community that has access to a healthy environment, including clean air, clean water, healthy soil, and local, sustainable food. The mission is to encourage sustainable yard and gardening practices, provide sound knowledge and experience to the community, and empower people to become environmental stewards and build healthy relationships with others and nature. For more information, check out their website: 

Saskatoon Public Library Seed Exchange

Visit select libraries to donate, exchange or collect seeds for your garden, free of charge. CHEP volunteers will be on hand to answer your questions about planting, harvesting, and seed saving.

2023 Seed Exchanges:

Tuesday, April 04: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Rusty Macdonald Library – Story Room
Saturday, May 06: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Carlyle King Library
Wednesday, June 07: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Round Prairie Library – Meeting Room


Second Chance Food Saskatoon is an ad-hoc committee dedicated to reducing food waste in Saskatoon. Comprised of members from various local food security, poverty, and waste reduction focused agencies, Second Chance Food seeks to advocate for and enable mechanisms that increase donation of surplus food, and encourage a more sustainable food system in our city. For more information, check out their website:


Locals Only was a large-scale multi-year project that explored food security, community-based artworks, and intergenerational exchange in Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods. Locals Only deployed local knowledge and long-form hospitality through socially engaged art to link public engagement, youth leadership, and elder stewardship, cultivating a community-based exploration of reciprocity and change. The project ended in 2019. For more information, check out their website:

Need help?

Contact our Children’s Nutrition Coordinator or call 306-655-4575.