Currently accepting orders until April 10th for the April 19th pickup date

Box Varieties

Pictures are taken based on March 2023 pricing and serve as examples only. The contents of a Good Food Box will change every two weeks. Contents will also vary according to season, quality, price, availability of foods and input from the community.

You will be able to select your Pickup Depot at checkout.


Add 1 loaf of fresh bread and 6 eggs to any box for $5!

The Basic Box

A simple Good Food Box filled with just the essentials. Potatoes + onions + bananas + 1 type of veggie + 1 type of fruit.

The Bonus Box

A medium sized Good Food Box filled with variety. 2-3 types of fruit + 7-8 types of veggies.

The Big Box

A large sized Good Food Box filled with larger quantities. 2-3 types of fruit + 8-9 types of veggies.

The Fruit Box

A sweet Good Food Box filled with just fruit. Contains 5-6 varieties of fruit.


Subscriptions will be avaialble later this Spring. A subscription to any Good Food Box will automatically renew and place an order for you every two weeks.