CHEP Good Food Christmas Cards are available now!  Information and ordering details can be found below at the following:

 1. The Christmas Card Collection 2021 brochure below showcases our featured local artists, ordering details, contact information and more.  

Note: there is a chance that we may not have enough of one card design to fulfill your entire order.  In the case that we cannot, we will reach out and ask if there is another design choice that you are interested in, as well.  Thank you for your understanding.

2. The CHEP Good Food order form, which includes customer information, card design, price summary, payment method and more, can be found at the following link: CHEP 2021 Christmas Card Fillable Order Form

Note: this order form is for CHEP Good Food only and does not include any customization orders for Saskatoon Fastprint. 

Email all CHEP Good Food orders to

3. If you are ordering customization from Saskatoon Fastprint, you can use the verses list below as a guide for choosing a verse for your customization order.

Note: all customization orders, including verses, will be requested and billed separately with Saskatoon Fastprint.