The Big Crunch


In recognition of World Food Day (October 16th), CHEP and Saskatoon elementary schools organize annual Big Crunch activities to celebrate healthy eating and local farmers. This event highlights the journey of the carrot from seed, to garden, to plate. 

Schools are invited to take part in carrot activities during the week leading up to the event (see Teacher Resources below). 

At 11 am on the day of The Big Crunch, students taking part in assemblies or classroom activities are invited to bite into a locally grown carrot in unison, in a CRUNCH heard around Saskatoon! 

The Big Crunch took place Friday,
October 14th, 2016

The Big Crunch: 

  • Promotes healthy snacking
  • Highlights locally grown produce
  • Uses the carrot as a point of departure for activities on nutrition
  • Is adaptable to many curriculum areas
  • Celebrates school community togetherness
  • Raises awareness of CHEP’s nutrition programs


In 2015 Princess Alexandra School in Saskatoon celebrated The Big Crunch with an assembly attended by the Honourable Don Morgan, Minister of Education, and other special guests.

Students learned about how carrots are harvested and took part in a Carrot Trivia game. Captain Carrot handed out locally grown carrots, and at 11 am participants took a bite in a crunch heard across Saskatoon!

Please refer to the links below to find out more and to register for the Big Crunch.

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