Seniors Stores

Access to food is an issue for many in our communities.  It is often seniors who are most restricted in finding affordable, healthy food.  

CHEP offers small stores inside seniors' complexes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  These shops sell Fresh Produce, baked goods, eggs, and milk and allow seniors to maintain independence in choosing their foods. Especially in the winter months, CHEP's Seniors Stores allow many patrons to get their weekly groceries and access healthy foods without leaving the saftey of their buildings.

As well, CHEP offers a program called "More Store to Your Door", where we partner with the Good Food Junction in offering a grocery service for seniors.  Seniors are able to order basic ammenities, such as toilet paper, baking goods, canned goods from our Seniors Store coordinator, and the next week their groceries are delivered with the Seniors Store market.   This service makes it easy for seniors to order basic items and have then delivered at no cost, to their home.  


Len Turple

306-655-4575 extension 228

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