Children's Nutrition Programs

At CHEP we believe that every child deserves to have access to the healthy foods they need to learn and grow.  We support children's nutrition programs in many Saskatoon community schools.  CHEP works with schools, nutrition coordinators and other community liaisons to provide food services to schools, and is available to offer nutrition education. 

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Centralized Kitchen 

For schools that do not have their own nutrition programs, and in response to schools needing emergency lunches, CHEP developed the “Centralized Kitchen” program.  The Centralized Kitchen offers prepared fresh and healthy lunches to schools across Saskatoon. Over the 2014-15 school year CHEP delivered over 24,000 lunches from our Centralized Kitchen to 29 locations.

For more information on the Centralized Kitchen, please contact: Rita Stalker (North Park Wilson School) at 306-683-7388 or email  or contact CHEP’s  Children’s Nutrition Coordinator Joshua Keil at 306-655-4575 (ext 224) or email   

CHEP would like to thank Cobs Bread in Lawson Heights for their donations to this program.

Fresh Food for Kids 

A key part of CHEP’s work with schools is our bulk buying program Fresh Food for Kids, which offers subsidized vegetables, fruit and milk to Saskatoon Community Schools. Each school year thousands of cases of vegetables and fruit are delivered to Saskatoon schools to be used in their nutrition programs.  Offering healthy meals and snacks at school supports better learning outcomes for students.   

What teachers say:

 “My job is more productive and less stressful. Trying to teach hungry children is counterproductive.”

“Access to fresh food has changed what students are eating. The benefits we see range from reduced student behavior issues to opportunities for healthy eating for our pregnant teens. The benefits we see now will pay dividends into the future. Our nutrition programming has allowed students to access the foods they need with dignity.”

“I believe that this program has helped facilitate a culture of healthier eaters.”

Milk Matters

The Milk Matters program supports children at school with a daily serving of milk – an excellent source of calcium and other nutrients. Each week over 1,200 Litres of milk are delivered by CHEP to schools in Saskatoon. 

  • Children obtain 90% of their peak bone-mass by the time they are 19 or 20. Childhood is a crucial time to build as much bone mass as possible to prevent later health issues such as osteoporosis.
  • Milk is one of the few food sources to contain Vitamin D.  Low vitamin D has been shown to increase the risk of not only rickets and osteoporosis, but also of diabetes, multiple sclerosis and perhaps inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Many low income families do not have an adequate income to purchase all the foods necessary for a healthy diet. More costly foods such as milk may be restricted or displaced by other cheaper beverages. This has long term, negative impacts on the development of bones and teeth.

A big thank you to the Kinsmen Club of the Saskatoon who recently donated $7,000 to CHEP to support the Milk Matters program. 

For information please contact CHEP's Childrens' Food Security Coordinator at
306-655-4575 (ext 224) or email

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