Backyard Gardening Program

The purpose of the Backyard Garden Program is to link gardeners who have no garden space with homeowners who have extra space to share in their backyards. The gardeners benefit by gaining access to land to grow food, and the hosts benefit by having someone to care for a portion of their property. Some support is also offered to gardeners in the form of gardening resources, tools, and educational workshops.

Gardeners: The program is best suited for experienced gardeners who are able to responsibly maintain their garden plot. However, there are occasionally hosts in the program who are open to mentoring a gardener, so inexperienced but eager gardeners may still apply.

Hosts: The backyard garden spaces donated to the program are typically existing garden sites, but CHEP can assist with the transition of a lawn area to a garden. There are also a number of other factors such as sun exposure, soil quality, and access to water, that will help determine the viability of each possible garden location.

New matches are made every year, but we cannot guarantee that everyone will be matched because that depends on the number and location of program participants.  If you are thinking about signing up for the program as a gardener or host, it is best to do so early in the year to give yourself the best chance of being matched.   Matches are made on a first come first served basis and only when the gardener and host are located in nearby neighbourhoods.  This helps give the match the best chance of success.

For more information about the program please contact John Stewart at or call (306) 655-4575.

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